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There's never been a better time - make the move to solar.

Catamount Solar is a local, Vermont-based, member-owned worker’s cooperative specializing in affordable, high-quality solar power design and installation services.  We provide our residential and business customers in Vermont and New Hampshire with a full range of solar power options designed to meet their unique needs including:

  • net-metered solar electric
  • off-grid solar
  • solar hot water systems 

There’s never been a better time to consider adding solar power to your home or business. Historic low prices for solar equipment plus very favorable state and federal incentives make moving to solar power a very feasible solution to ever-increasing utility power rates.

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Call us at 802-299-6669 for more information. Dan Kinney, Howie Michaelson, Doc Bagley, Kevin McCollister

Howie Michaelson
NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer ™

Vermont PV Partner Installer


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