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There's never been a better time - make the move to solar.

Catamount Solar is a local, Vermont-based, member-owned worker’s cooperative specializing in affordable, high-quality solar power design and installation services.  We provide our residential and business customers in Vermont and New Hampshire with a full range of solar power options designed to meet their unique needs including:

  • net-metered solar electric
  • off-grid solar
  • solar electric home heating and
    domestic hot water systems

There’s never been a better time to consider adding solar power to your home, farm or business. Historic low prices for solar equipment plus very favorable state and federal incentives make moving to solar power a very feasible solution to ever-increasing utility power rates. Find out more about heating your domestic hot water and your home with new electric heat pump technology which can have half the cost of conventional propane and oil heating systems.

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Call us at 802-299-6669 for more information. Dan Kinney, Howie Michaelson, Doc Bagley, Kevin McCollister

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